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A new ambulance for SIS La Chaux de Fonds (CH)
A new ambulance with an integrated luggage body was delivered to la Chaux de Fonds in the canton of Neuchatel in western Switzerland last week. The
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New ambulance on MAN TGE for Macau
Just recently we handed over a very special project to the shipping company. We were favored to convert our first ambulance vehicle based on a MAN
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10 new emergency medical vehicles for the Syd-Denmark region
For our customer "Region Syd-Denmark" we were able to expand a total of 10 new emergency medical vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz GLE. Numerous equipme
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Ambulance Vehicles


The following pictures give you a first impression of our possibilities!

Based on the new E-Class (model VF-212) we created an ambulance of the latest generation. Our specialists developed
an innovative and pioneering car concept, following the proven and successful BONNA-series, which has led the way
for decades.


Reliable cutting edge technology was refined by a lot of innovations. You will hardly find another ambulance, which is able to meet the standards set by our BONNA.

The new concept is based on a high-strength steel construction covered by a GRP shell. Hence we reach a weight reduction for fuel economy, but also a maximum of passenger safety due to the stable structure.

Latest material and technical solutions as well as sophisticated engineer knowledge are the basis of our innovative developments.
We especially focused on smooth handling, optimized aerodynamics and the specific needs of medical emergency services. For example, the well thought interior provides an improved space at the patient’s compartment.


The car concept includes a service door on the lefthand side of the vehicle.

The storage space can host larger parts - such as a spare wheel, a booster battery, a vacuum mattress or oxygen bottles (10 + 5 liters).

Easy access from outside gives maximum convenience.

The window concept is guided by the idea of a well-lit patient’s compartment. Optimum sight for patient and attendant is always guaranteed.

We have thought about windows made of light polycarbonate, but due to security reasons we preferred windows made of security glass.

Field trials revealed that security glass is more durable and less scratch-sensitive. Additionally, polycarbonate intends to get  brittle and opaque in the course of time.


The planning of the rear area occurred under inclusion of experienced customers. Thus, the development of the patient's compartment was tuned taking into account the newest ergonomic knowledge optimally to the needs of the sick person's transport.

Also in the new BONNA VF-212 we rely, as well as with all other C.MIESEN ambulances, on our proven GRP-interior lining concept.

We assure you a nearly seamless wall and roof covering in the patient's compartment, what optimizes the cleaning and disinfecting. Widespread GRP-form parts are stuck together to an unity and guarantee for highest hygiene claims. Curves diminish the injury danger for patient and attendant.

Besides, this material (in contrast to ABS plastic) appears non-yellowing, still after years.


LED Front flashers                                       LED Rear flashers

Equipped with modern LED-technology, the integrated emergency lights provide optimal visibleness. LED-technology stands for durability and energy efficiency, nevertheless there is an improved light intensity. We also installed powerful LED flashers in the front grille and at the rear, additionally aft yellow flashers for optimal securing against the traffic behind.

If desired we include working spotlights and alley lights. We also offer green LEDs for Dutch and Scandinavian customers.

As a matter of course the emergency lights have all necessary certificates.


We integrated the emergency lights completely into the car design. As a result the surface of the car has a smooth linehaul. A fluent crossing to the remaining car body optimizes both the appearance of the car as well as the aerodynamics. The drag coefficient improves, wind noises and fuel consumption decrease, which contributes to the economic efficiency of the vehicle.


The emergency lights system consists of  high-quality, energy-efficient LED flash modules for front and rear. Of course all approvals, according to 

ECE-R65: E5 TB 200021 - Blue light 
ECE-R65: E5 TA 100022 - Yellow light

are given.





v  Easy access and exit is assured, also a back-saving loading and unloading


v  Sound insulated cab with optimized cruise comfort

v  Optimal suspension performance for both patient and attendants

v  1.90 m standing height inside the patient’s compartment for extra comfort 

The vehicle is 200mm wider and 80mm longer than its predecessor.



Powerful performance, very modest in cost...

An integrated emergency lights solution based on energy-efficient LED technology ensures optimum aerodynamics, which contributes to the economy due to the associated fuel saving.

v  Over 610 kgpayload sets new standard


v  Economical diesel engine (gasoline expected available in 2012)


v  High durability

v  Low operating costs, long service intervals




As a leading manufacturer of ambulances, it is a primary goal for C.MIESEN to develop standardized and reliable vehicles for our demanding customers.

The sustainable safety of our products is our priority. Therefore, our BONNA VF-212 was examined by the independent French testing laboratory UTAC in accordance with the strict safety standard DIN EN 1789.

For this purpose, the bodyshell of the elongated chassis was tested in a series of dynamic crash tests, referring to the current requirements of DIN EN 1789:2010. All standard weights and corresponding equipment packages were stowed in the vehicle realistically.

The corresponding proof can be found on 
Crashtest according to DIN EN1789 passed!

During the test phase the VF-212 showed superior distortion characteristics and surprised with a superb stiffness.

Even a kerb test should not be missed. For this purpose the vehicle is driven on a kerb with three wheels. It must have all doors and flaps open and close smoothly.

In experiments the opening and closing of doors and hatches was tested in continuous operation to ensure that they work reliable in everyday use. We only use original Daimler hinges.

During this test run, the body was examined under various conditions to find out whether it is tight. Here, too, results were obtained, which are to our complete satisfaction.


An examination of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is being planned.


Meet the new BONNA VF-212. As you expect from us, we offer you both the standard and a custom development,
according to your individual requirements. Your C.MIESEN team is looking forward to receive your inquiry!


Here you will find our current brochure of the C.MIESEN VF-212 ambulance.
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NEW: Undertaker vehicles
NEW: Undertaker vehicles

Latest releases of part of our portfolio are exclusive undertaker vehicles "made in Germany" based on extended Mercedes-Benz E-Class.