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C. Miesen News
A new ambulance for SIS La Chaux de Fonds (CH)
A new ambulance with an integrated luggage body was delivered to la Chaux de Fonds in the canton of Neuchatel in western Switzerland last week. The
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New ambulance on MAN TGE for Macau
Just recently we handed over a very special project to the shipping company. We were favored to convert our first ambulance vehicle based on a MAN
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10 new emergency medical vehicles for the Syd-Denmark region
For our customer "Region Syd-Denmark" we were able to expand a total of 10 new emergency medical vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz GLE. Numerous equipme
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Other Special Vehicles


Outside and inside view of this vehicle:
Front illustration of the command vehicle:

For the command vehicle we have chosen a Volkswagen T5 with standard roof.

Due to the modular design of our interiors a large number of arrangements is possible. You can customize the vehicle to your individual requirements.

The following pictures show one sample of many possibilities...
  Clear arrangement:

The design of the driver's workplace meets all requirements. The controls are designed ergonomically and we arranged them both easily accessible and practical, to enable the best concentration on the road.
Installation of internet and communication:

In the stowage space we installed the information and communication technology into the respective storage units.
  View from the side entrance:

The work area in the hold of the Volkswagen T5 is designed clearly. The cabinets contain information and communication technology, but you will also find ample space for folders. At the left sidewall is a hinged board for tactical or operational purposes.
View from the rear:

Clear and tidy designed storage possibilities for necessary equipment in a solid cabinet.
View into the rear section:

At the bottom of the rear cabinet we equipped an additional pull-out work surface.
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NEW: Undertaker vehicles
NEW: Undertaker vehicles

Latest releases of part of our portfolio are exclusive undertaker vehicles "made in Germany" based on extended Mercedes-Benz E-Class.